About Fu Jen Academia Catholica

Inaugurated on August 1, 2008, Fu Jen Academia Catholica consists of five Fu Jen academic institutes or centers. They are the Institute of Scholastic Philosophy, Institutem Historiae Ecclesiae, Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Monumenta Serica Sinological Research Center, and John Paul II Institute for Research into Dialogue for Peace. The purpose of establishing the academy is to consolidate the interdisciplinary pursuit of Catholic studies. Presently, the research areas of the Catholic academy cover science and religion, scholastic philosophy, Chinese Catholic history, sinology, literature, peace and justice, ethics, aesthetics, and inter-arts studies. In the future, studies on law, society, counseling, and education, etc., will be developed. It is hoped that, through such multifarious interdisciplinary research, the light and wisdom of Providence would shine forth far and wide. At the same time, by way of deepening and broadening Catholic studies, the academy would be expanded into a major research center among the Chinese communities in the world.